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Absolutely intriguing newspaper photo of two German SEK (Spezialeinsatzkommando) [Schpetzial-INEzats-komMONdo] operators somewhere apparently on the streets of Germany.  SEK is an equivalent of SWAT in America, but these officers operate statewide.  Only GSG9 operates Germany wide.  States in Germany are the equivalent of large "counties" in America.  These officers are on some type of rapid deployment, given the fact that they apparently threw their gear on over what they were wearing at the time of callout.  

Smaller, clearer photo.

Fascinating aspect of this photo is the variant of MP5.  Never seen before, this appears to be a GR variant with fixed 1.5 power scope welded to the receiver, and no open sights, like the GR series also featured on HKPRO.  Unlike the GR series, this setup has never been seen on a 9mm HK before.  The GR series was thought to only have been offered on 5.56 x 45 caliber firearms.  This is a rare twist, and I must thank Frans from Germany for this great contribution!  If anyone can further identify this MP5 variant, please email HKPRO!


The following four photographs are from Operation Schneller Adler (Quick Eagle), September, 1997.  These are from training drills by the KSK, (Kommando Spezialkräfte) a counterterrorist wing of the German  Bundeswehr.  Thanks again to Jan in Germany for the great photos!


KSK Operators during a mock takedown.  G36Ks are the long guns.

KSK hostage extraction training.  G36Ks, Benelli shotguns and MP5SDs are plentiful.


actiong36k.jpg (39791 bytes)
One of the first photos of the newest HK rifle series in the hands of a German military special operator.  He is a KSK (Kommando Spezialkräfte) member with the new G36K carbine.

actionksk.jpg (38889 bytes)


actionksk2.jpg (36432 bytes)
German KSK Operator with full size G36 rifle.


actionair.jpg (20500 bytes)
Members of Seccion Fuerzas Especiales in Argentina, practice aircraft assault.  Gun at left is MP5SD, on ladder, MP5SD with laser sight, and under ladder is HK69A1 40mm grenade launcher.


actionsds.jpg (22290 bytes)
MP5SD on left, with dated, bulky and heavy HK Aiming Point Projector, and SD with laser sight at right.   Another from the Argentinian SFE.

hk69gasmask.jpg (38125 bytes)

actionnypd.jpg (25003 bytes) NYPD Emergency Services Unit officer with MP5A3 and Surefire 628 forearm light.  Gun is selected to semi.  Pose with gun in this position is not taught by any training authority around, but one must be hesitant to criticize NYPD ESU, a 400 officer full time SWAT contingent, one of the busiest in the nation.
NYPD ESU officer with MP5A3 at high port arms with gun selected to full automatic.  The trigger group is known as the "Navy" group.  Ambidextrous with safe-semi-full automatic settings. actionnypd2.jpg (18185 bytes)


actionnypd3.jpg (14998 bytes)
ESU officer with MP5A3, obviously left handed, and without the benefit of an HK ambidextrous sling.


actionlapd1.jpg (46587 bytes)
LAPD SWAT officers in training exercise.  Officer on left has MP5A3, officer on right has Benelli M1 Super 90 12 gauge shotgun.  There is something unusual about the MP5.  Can you spot it?  It is an old style HK33/53/93 buttstock with convex buttplate.


actionlapd2.jpg (32294 bytes)
LAPD SWAT officer on training exercise with MP5A2.  Note that bolt is back and no magazine is in gun.


actionfolgore.jpg (41281 bytes)
9th Regiment Italian Special Forces during hostage rescue exercises.  MP5SD3 with SEF trigger group.


actiongcn.jpg (68044 bytes)
French "GCP" (Groupe Commando Parachutiste) Operator with MP5SD6, three round burst trigger group, and heretofore unseen sight mount with what has been described as a French made Laser.

The following four images of U.S. Customs Agents are courtesy of 

U.S. Customs Agents on training exercise with MP5A5s in Huey helicopter.



Customs agents on range with stainless USP Compact, in foreground, and stainless SIG in background.  At first glance it looks like two USPs.

Two members of the Polish GROM training wth MP5A3s.  GROM stands for Grupa Reagowania Operacyjno Mobilnego in Polish or Operational Mobile Reaction Group.  Thanks to Tomek in Poland for the interesting photo!


Expressive pose by member of the Rio de Janeiro Military Police's BOPE (Batalhao de Operacoes Policiais Especiais, or Special Operations Battallion).  He looks as if he is trying to convince someone of something.  Would you have a hard time making up your mind under those circumstances?  MP5K with SEF group.


Another member of the Rio de Janeiro Military Police's BOPE (Batalhao de Operacoes Policiais Especiais, or Special Operations Battallion), with HK21E, SEF trigger group and 100 round belt box.  This would be heavy to lug around.


The following three images are from the Italian NOCS -- Nucleo Operativo Centrale di Sicurezza or Central Security Operations Group.  Thanks to Gregor for the great photos!


NOCS Operator with MP5A5 (retractable stock with three round burst trigger group.)  Note that sling material is incorrectly run through the hardware on the "bridge" in the center of the operator's chest. 


NOCS group photo in front of helicopter.  The two long rifles are obviously PSG1s, second from the left on top and bottom left have MP5s, bottom right has no long gun visible, and I believe the gun with the stock folded is a Galil variant.  Someone correct me if I am wrong. 


Great muzzle shot of MP5SD with double mag clamp, and forend mounted conventional flashlight.


Image of German Bundeswehr soldier on KFOR duty in Kosovo.  His G36 rifle is cradled on a machine gun mount of some kind.  It makes it look like a mount for the G36, but on close inspection, the rifle is just placed there and not mounted.  Thanks to Jan again! 

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The following five images are from the Taipei, Taiwan SWAT Team, a well equipped unit, to say the least.  SDs, K's, MP5s with Bushnell Holosights, Safariland Cover 6 vests are in evidence.

Photo of German Bundeswehr soldier with a real armful of G36.  This is a variation of the Raytheon W1000 thermal imaging weapon sight, heretofore not seen on the G36.  


Members of the German Kampfschwimmerkompanie on the beach with a G8 and G3 rifles.  The G8 is an HK21E, and is equipped with the shorter 17.7 inch barrel and SIMRAD night vision module that attaches to an existing conventional day scope for night vision capability.  Obviously not necessary in this posed daylight photo.  It is my understanding that the Kampfschwimmerkompanie is the German equivalent of the American Navy SEALs.  


Norwegian soldier with Norwegian AG3-F1 with HK79 grenade launcher.  The AG3-F1 is the Norwegian designation for the HK G3A4.  Given the size of that backpack and the weight of this gun/launcher combination, this guy is eating his Wheaties!


Member of the BBE (Bijzondere Bijstands Eenheid) or Special Support Unit of the Royal Marine Corps in the Netherlands, with MP5A3 and laser sight mount.


Officers of the Salvadoran GRP (Reaction Police Group) in parade formation with HK53s and MP5SDs.


The Escondido, CA Tactical Operations Unit in position against an armed carjacking suspect holding hostages, including three children, on July 28, 1999.  The incident ended peacefully without injuries to anyone involved.   There are six shoulder weapons visible in this photo.  Center left edge, the muzzle of an M16/AR15 variant.  Directly to the right of that muzzle is an HK53A3 with an optical sight.  Officer standing next to him has MP5A3 with double magazine clamp and Trijicon optical sight.  Seated officers have  another M16/AR15 variant.  (Not an M4 as barrel is definitely 16 inches.)  To the right of this officer is another HK53A3.  The prone officer has an M16/AR variant from the section of buttstock that is visible.  The visible HKs are selected to semiauto.  The M16/AR series rifles are equipped with the new Surefire Millenium dedicated forearm lights.  Photo by Waldo Nilo, North County Times.


Striking photograph taken June 3, 2000 of German Police sniper with PSG1 providing security for a  conference of world leaders/heads of state in Berlin, Germany.  I think the Nike hat is a nice touch!  Note 20 round magazine just under the spotting scope.


British SAS trooper with MP5A2 and scope.  Handgun is SIG P226 with 20 rnd. mag.


SAS Operator with MP5A3, SEF group selected to semi, double mag clamp and Surefire forend light mount.

Hong Kong SDU with MP5A3s and SEF trigger groups.  SDU stands for Special Duties Unit.


MP5N with selector on full auto in the hands of Navy SEAL.


LAPD SWAT Officers prepare to deploy a Noise Flash Diversion Device, or "Flash Bang."  The officer kneeling is correctly holding device inverted for left hand deployment.  MP5A2s with Navy trigger groups are standard issue for LA SWAT.


Another posed flash bang deployment shot with LAPD SWAT.  MP5A2 and Benelli M1.


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Members of the German Bundeswehr on KFOR duty in Kosovo with full size G36 rifles.


German Spezialeinsatzkommando (SEK) operators from South Bavaria practicing bus assault.  P7s with magazine base plate light mounts and lanyards are evident. See HK in Action I for more SEK.


SEK from the exterior of the bus.  Say goodnight!


SEK Operator with quite old MP5SD3 and Hensoldt optic.  This is one of the earliest iterations of the famous SD, yet still in action in Germany.  I would guess this operator is left handed by the way he has the gun set up, with a simple loop sling, and the gun hanging with its right side against the body, extra mag to the left side of the gun.  This unit has obviously not yet discovered the beauty of the ambidextrous sling! 


Members of the SEK in prepare to stage an entry on the ICE, (Inter City Express) train.  Note the collapsible ladder and P7 pistols.



Most likely a member of the Italian 9° reggimento Assaltatori Paracadutisti "Col. Moschin" with HK69.  Note the Beretta Model 12 9mm SMG.


French GIGN operator with tricked out MP5 and night vision.  It is only my personal opinion, and take it for what it is worth, but I think you can get carried away with accessories for guns, and take away from the emphasis on technique.  There is at least a visible light laser, Infrared laser, infrared illuminator and red dot scope (because he sure can't use the sights!) plus what he is wearing on his head.  This is a setup for total darkness.  How much can fail here?


GIGN Sniper with MSG90.


German Kampfschwimmer with G36 rifles.


Kampfschwimmer with HK21E

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The essence of HK in Action is the firing sequence itself.  Officer Joe Bernhard of the Columbia, MO Police STAR Team fires his G36K, as the bolt closes on a fresh round, and the ejected case is but a blur.


HK in action at Santana High School, Santee, (near San Diego), California on March 5, 2001.  Weapons are ubiquitous MP5A2 submachine guns.  This agency is identified as the San Diego County Sheriff's Dept. SWAT.  They are somewhat unusual in that they employ green flight suits for their duty fatigues.  In the lower photo, the officer on the right captures the essence of rapid deployment.  Probably straight from the gym, he threw on the vest, helmet and pistol, and got busy, not taking the time to fully dress out.  Obviously dressing out is part of an activity that will do nothing to save lives, and contributes thereby, nothing to the primary mission--(saving lives.)

This should not be taken to mean that the other officers wasted time, for we can't tell who arrived when, and whether the call had already gone out that the shooter was in custody.  I would bet that the officer on the right was one of the first there.    Photo above by Denis Poroy/Associated Press.  Photo below by Nancee Lewis, San Diego Union Tribune/Associated Press.


HK in Action in Manila, The Philippines.  An MSG90 deployed at the scene of one of five bombings, 12/30/2000.


Members of the Northeast Metro Law Enforcement Council Special Operations Unit (NEMLEC-SOU) at the scene of the Wakefield Edgewater Technology shootings.  This team is a cooperative tactical unit from several small Mass. jurisdictions. Gun on second officer is an MP5K-PDW with dual mag clamp.  Photo by Steven Senne/AP


Members of the Middlesex County (Mass) Sheriffs Office team standing guard at the courthouse during the arraignment of the suspect.  Guns are likely MP5/40A4s, given the relative scarcity of the MP5/10 outside of the FBI. (A4 because a burst group is evident in combination with a fixed stock.)  Photo by Charles Krupa/AP


The following two photographs are German news pictures captioned as follows: "Armed policemen search for the suspected murderer and child molester Frank Schmökel in a woodland near the eastern German village Großdubrau, East Saxony, about 240 kilometers (150 miles) southeast of Berlin, Monday, November 6, 2000. Schmökel escaped custody on Wednesday, October 25, 2000."  Note from an HKPRO visitor from Germany:  

"Schmökel escaped his wardens, as he was a patient in a mental home because of several rape cases, when he was allowed to visit his sick mother.  He grabbed a knife, stabbed his mother, non-fatally and the two wardens (one died) and escaped.  After he escaped, a massive search started, during which he killed someone else and stole his car. After four weeks of being chased by the police through various German states, he was found and shot in the leg. He survived, and will never ever see daylight again."

German officer with garden variety MP5A2 and rather obsolete straight (waffle) magazine, useful with ball ammunition but a horrible performer with hollowpoints.


Another officer from the same manhunt, with same very common (in Germany)  MP5A2.  There was lots of HKPRO interest in her, when first posted on the front page.  A blond cop with an MP5? Down boys!



Estonian Special Operations Group members with MP5SD3s in the drink. 


Second shot of Estonian SOG with SDs, coming out of the water.  Observation:  Granted up front:  These, as most of the HKPRO submitted email  photos, are staged.  And these guys have their eyes right where they need to be in reference to proper sight picture.  So why not just extend the stock for the extra stability that the shoulder support brings?   This is not quite CQB, and not textbook shoulder weld either.  No matter what, don't mean to pick apart their style, but whatever they do, clean those guns after the exercises.  Can't you hear the rust forming on those magazines?



Great form on this Estonian operator.  He appears to be squared up, his head is up and he is ready to to roll.  Finger off trigger, though he appears to have acquired target.  Gun is selected to semi though not easily visible since the photo has been reduced.  This is an MP5K with what appears to be a 0-1-30 trigger group, suggesting other than German manufacture.


Estonian SOG with MP5A3, MP5K and Makarov PM  pistol doing some shield work.


Estonian SOG with MP5SD3s, and what appears to be a pretty sophisticated night vision scope.  What is it?  Email HKPRO!


Member of the elite German KSK with G36K.


Australian Army 4RAR Commando Regiment Operator during exercise Red Dawn, July 1999, South Australia.


Members of the Samodzielny Pododdzia³ Antyterrorystyczny Policji-SPAP in Poland pose for the camera.


Members of the Polish SPAP take aim with MP5A3s.

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No mention of HK In Action would be complete without covering the events of September 27, 1990 in Berkeley, California.  A lone deranged hostage taker heavily armed with a MAC 10 and .44 magnum handgun took 33 hostages at a bar near the campus of U.C. Berkeley.  After a standoff lasting several hours, the decision was made for a rescue, when the gunman's behavior became more and more volatile.

When it was over this entry team above, rescued 33 hostages without injury.  One student had been killed and seven others wounded prior to police intervention.  The gunman however sustained 24 9mm wounds from two MP5s. Not surprisingly, he did not survive.  This incident is the most successful hostage rescue by an American civilian police agency in  history.  It should be recognized as such.  HK was there not only in the form of MP5s, but also by the training received from the then fledgling International Training Division.


SWAT team officers and a Lake County sheriff's deputy are pictured outside the Centier Bank in Lowell, Indiana, September 4, 2001 after a four-hour stand-off with a lone gunman ended peacefully. After trading his bank hostages for food and cigarettes, David Potchen, a 40-year-old man armed with a sawed-off shotgun surrendered peacefully on Tuesday, the FBI said. The four-hour standoff began when Potchen of Lowell, Indiana, entered the bank and told employees to call police and the media, informing them they would be there for a while, FBI spokesman Robert Reilley said. REUTERS/Sue Ogrocki 

HKPRO note:  This appears to be one of the first action photos of an actual incident where police armed with UMPs deploy.  Let me be on record opposing the general use of balaclavas by American civilian police SWAT officers, where especially in daytime, the concealment offered by them appears to be of little value, and creates a perceived desire for anonymity, a curious combination for police agencies who need support from their communities for trust with the high risk police tactics that teams train. The only valid reason for them is for protection in pyrotechnic operations, or cold weather.  My opinion only, take it for what you think it is worth, and not a penny more. _JC_ END CAPTION -->


A police officer from the Sacramento, Calif., S.W.A.T. team emerges from the home of Joseph Ferguson, 20, Sunday Sept. 9, 2001 in Sacramento. Police believe Ferguson, a former security guard, shot and killed three unarmed former co-workers and a fourth man. Police found weapons in the home. (AP Photo/Bob Galbraith)


Springfield, Oregon police SWAT work out in a training scenario.  Guns are MP5s and 33/93(?)


Spanish soldiers on patrol in Kosovo with newly issued G36 rifles.  Soldier on Left has 5.56 Ameli belt-fed.  It is a smaller version of the German MG3.


Red River Valley multi jurisdictional SWAT team in training.  MP5/40s are their chosen long gun.  This team is made up of officers from the Fargo, ND Police Department, Cass County ND Sheriff's Office, West Fargo Police Department and the Moorhead, MN Police Department.  


Armed police speed across Genoa's old harbor, where leaders of the Group of Eight summit will gather on a luxury liner, on July 18, 2001. Italian authorities are expecting 120,000 anti-globalization demonstrators from hundreds of protest groups, including environmentalists, debt cancellation campaigners and human rights activists. (Stefano Rellandini/Reuters) 
Mk23 and KAC suppressor.  Like a fish in the water.  MP5 in rear.
Royal Danish Army Jaegerkorps (Rangers) on training exercise.  Simunition kit adapters visible at the muzzle.
Turkish gendarmes and coast guard officers guard a group of illegal immigrants arriving at the port of Marmara Eregli June 23, 2001, after they were captured by Turkish security forces on a dry cargo vessel anchored in the Marmara Sea off the northwest province of Tekirdag. Turkish authorities arrested 277 illegal immigrants including 35 women and 22 children on board a Ukrainian-registered vessel bound for Italy. (Mustafa Ozer/Reuters) 
That pesky "GR" variant of the MP5 keeps making appearances in Germany with the SEK.  Anyone with more pix of this fine mystery submachine gun with the Hensoldt permanently mounted optical sight?


Police in Goteborg, Sweden search a bus for a 20 year old suspect who stole an automatic rifle from an enlisted Swedish soldier.

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G36 rifles being carried by members of the Spanish military.  The G36 has been adopted by Spain as their official rifle, (smart country), and it is being produced under HK license there.


 HK33SG1 with Bushnell Holosight on duty wth CNP(Cuerpo Nacional de Policia) Spain. (Photo by J.P. Lasterra)


Members of the French 13E RDP ( 13E Regiment de Dragons Parachutistes / 13th Airborne Dragoons Regiment ), a special forces long range recon unit, on a training mission in Sweden. MP5SD is being carried. 


Swedish police have two robbers in custody. The perpetrators robbed a post office in Uppsala, Sweden, but were apprehended by the Swedish police after they crashed a stolen car into a tree.


Spanish soldier with full size G36 rifle and AG36 40mm grenade launcher.



Task Force Sabre soldiers fire G36 assault rifles at a Schutzenschnur range in Orahovac/Rahovec, Kosovo on October 12, 2001. Eighty American soldiers participated in the German Schutzenschnur
weapons qualification to earn the German Marksmanship Badge during NATO's Operation Joint Guardian II .


Members of the Surburban Anti-Crime Network SWAT, a multi-jurisdictional team east of Cleveland, Ohio, work out with UMP40s and a shield.


A U.S. airman (L) studies the rifle of his German colleague at the International airport near Bagram, some 55 km north of Kabul, January 11, 2002. A group of some 70 German soldiers arrived in Afghanistan as a part of the International peace keeping forces.  REUTERS/Oleg Popov


NYPD Emergency service police officers gather outside Martin Luther King Jr. High School Tuesday, Jan. 15, 2002, in New York after two students were shot in an incident that was possibly gang-related, authorities say. (AP Photo/Kathy Willens)


02-11-2002:News photograph from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel of what many never see on presidential visits:  Some of the heavier firepower carried by the Secret Service.  This photo is taken of one of the motorcade trailing Suburbans.  What many others may not know is that there is another team of Secret Service fully decked out in SWAT gear, with M4 carbines.  There are plenty of suits with MP5s handy too, as well.  He appears to be motioning the photographer away.  MP5A3 with Navy trigger group selected to semi.

Newspaper caption:  "A Secret Service agent is armed and ready as he looks out from a vehicle directly behind the limousine in which President Bush rides away from Mitchell International Airport on Monday afternoon."  Photo by Jeffrey Phelps.

German Soldiers in Kosovo or Macedonia

Yesterday (Saturday) afternoon, local time the Swedish Police National Taskforce apprehended eight heavily armed criminals at a Hotel in the Swedish city of Falun. The eight criminals were attending a meeting set up by two rival gangs to solve disputes on territory and business.  After a long period of surveillance the Swedish Police decided that the danger for innocent bystanders was too great after receiving information that several of the suspects were heavily armed.  20 officers from the National Taskforce, backed up by local police made the entry at about 15.00 hours local time. Flash-Bang grenades and blank ammo were used to distract the suspects.  A total of four handguns, one shotgun, one submachine gun/assault rifle and one hand grenade were found during the body search of the apprehended suspects - subsequently linked by video evidence to each person.

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Purported member of the KSK with G36K.  I had not seen this photo before among the one series of KSK photos that are widely circulated.  Can anyone tell me the manufacturer of the laser on the right side of the rifle?


Image taken from television of a Swedish police officer with MP5A5.


Members of the Dutch Bijzondere Bijstandseenheid, Korps Mariniers with MP5A3s.  Many HKPRO members have commented on the message boards about the "laser" violation taking place by the operator in back.  Certainly true, staged photos like this one will catch this kind of flack by a gun-safety conscious group like the HKPRO membership.


German KSK member with G36K and good view of infrared laser mounted along with Surefire visible light flashlight on left side of gun.  Manufacturer of the laser is unknown.


Officers of presumably the SEK with MP5 and some type of red dot sight, and on the tleft, an officer with a SIG 551 and scope.  This was taken outside of the Gutenberg Schule in Erfurt, Germany at the time of Germany's worst high school shooting.


Springfield, MO SRT sends out a humorous Christmas card every year featuring their team and 2001 was no exception! 


German KSK soldier with hot little setup for patrolling the streets of Kandahar, Afghanistan.  Mercedes Benz "Wolf," MG3 to the front and Bushnell Holosighted G36K decked out in camo with Beta C Mag.  He even has bipod installed.  Ready to rock, and totally color coordinated with the vehicle, uniform and gun!  Martha Stewart could not hang with this crew!  From "Der Spiegel" 05/13/02.

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Members of the Korean Police SWAT Team prepare for stadium duty.  The male member in the rear seems to lending a helping hand to his female colleague.  Stock MSG90s for both.


Female sniper with Korea Police SWAT unit and MSG90, apparently same as in the photo above.  Looks like a baseball cap is hanging off the scope, but something is taped to the rifle, and is also hanging off the side.  Appears to be some type of field expedient brass catcher.


Members of the Hong Kong Airport Security Unit with MP5A3s and optical sights.


Another photo from Der Spiegel showing KSK member in Afghanistan.  AG36 40mm grenade launcher is clearly visible.


Here's something that you don't see every day, especially on a motorcycle, and especially in California.  Torrance, California motor officer with MP5SF riding "subgun." Paul Hern photo.


Another shot of the motor officers from Torrance, California.  Though not plainly visible on this photo, far right officer has MP5A5 with burst trigger group, while officer in the middle has MP5SF.  I would venture a guess that some officers are SWAT, and have select-fire.  Paul Hern photo.


Yikes!  Not sure this belongs on a page with "The Elite."  Gun is set to "semi," and finger is on trigger, at busy World Cup Soccer tournament.  No obvious threat present, and a stadium full of people with the muzzle up.  New award for unsafe gun handling gets my vote.


Berekeley CA SWAT officers cover officer with Remington 870 who is firing gas into residence of barricaded wanted armed robbery suspect.  Tactical medics are kneeling in the foreground.  MP5 and HK33A2.  Photo by Ian Buchanan/Daily Californian. 

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Member of Bundeswehr in posed shot around a corner with full size G36, AG36 special visible light/IR laser and communications gear.

Member of SEK getting set up at the Iraqi embassy takeover August 20, 2002 in Berlin  MP5 with scope for perimeter work was prevalently shown that day.


More members of SEK with long scoped MP5s.  Officer on left has the "chicken wing" exposed.


Officers from the Alexandria, VA Police Department confer outside a courtroom proceeding for Zacharias Moussaoui.  MP540s


Another photo from outside  the Moussaoui proceeding.


Checkpoint at Pakistani roadblock with prominent MP5 in foreground.


Hong Kong SDU with armored vehicle and MP5A3


Mexican National police officer stands guard outside of crime scene in Mexico City.  HK53A3 set on semi. (Yikes!)

Spectacular photo of space shuttle rollout as seen through the eyes of the doorgunner at NASA security.  The unmistakable foreground image is of the HK21E.

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Members of Bundeswehr in exercise in smoke environment.  "Guerrillas In The Mist."


Tanks carrying soldiers parade through Mexico City's main square, September 16,2002. Mexico is celebrating the 192nd anniversary of the start of it's struggle for independence from Spain.

 REUTERS/Daniel Aguilar


Members of the U.S. Capitol Police stand guard at the gates of the Capitol.  If memory serves, the Capitol Police recently purchased approximately 150 G36K rifles, and not inconsequentially, a quantity of 100 round Beta mags. Photo by Joe Marquette/AP


Mexican soldier with HK21E and non-disintegrating link belt on vehicle hard mount.


Reuters Caption:  A heavily armed policeman walks to a building on Broadway in New York, September 16, 2002 following a shooting incident. Three people were shot and killed in an apparent double murder and suicide in a Times Square area office leased by a health insurance company, New York police said. Photo by Peter Morgan/Reuters


A German soldier with the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) stops a vehicle at a checkpoint in Kabul, Afghanistan (news - web sites) Sunday, Oct. 6, 2002. Monday is the one-year anniversary of the U.S.- led military operation in Afghanistan which caused the Taliban regime to fall. (AP Photo/Lynne Sladky)


American al Qaeda fighter John Walker Lindh is transported inside of a black vehicle, under the protection of an armed federal policeman, outside of the U.S. District Court in Alexandria, Virginia, October 4, 2002. A U.S. judge on Friday sentenced a tearful and apologetic John Lindh, the American captured by U.S. forces during the war in Afghanistan, to 20 years in prison for fighting in support of the Taliban. Before the sentence was announced, Lindh apologized for his actions and told the court he regretted ever joining the Taliban and did not do so in order to fight America. REUTERS/Larry Downing (UMP40 or 45)


I was recently emailed this photo of British police officers in an unspecified London area airport with the latest in HK weaponry, G36Cs.  At first glance, I thought, good for them!, until I looked closer at the magazines.  The guns are G36SFs, incapable of automatic fire, which is customary for all but a few British armed police, and sound policy as well.  But to download the magazines?  Seems to be yet another example of police managers not trusting their officers to allow them even full 30 round magazines.  This has long been done by U.S. National Guard commanders, to the point of only allowing empty magazines to be inserted in M16s, but this takes an entirely different turn when a firearm utilizing translucent magazines is fielded.   I examined a G36 magazine and it appears from the relationship of the bottom round to the top magazine clip that the magazines are loaded with 15 rounds.

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Pakistani troops in training.  One appears to be the -butt- of the joke.

An officer guards the perimeter of a prison in San Salvador, El Salvador after an uprising there in Dec. 2002.  HK33K.


Member of the Spanish Grupo Especial de Operaciones GEO (Special Operations Group) of the Policia Nacional (National Police) takes aim with PSG1


Another Spanish GEO member with MP5SD2 and P9S.


An armed British policeman takes aim in Hackney, London, Thursday, Jan. 2, 2003, on the eighth day of a police siege of a house where a gunman may be holding another man hostage. Police marksmen and negotiators have surrounded the house since Dec. 26, when a man shouted at officers from a window and brandished a gun as they tried to remove a car. The man shot at officers when they tried to storm the apartment.(AP Photo/Max Nash)


A police marksman keeps his weapon trained on a house in the Hackney area of east London, Sunday Jan. 5, 2003, where an armed siege entered its eleventh day. Officers spoke for two-and-a-half hours this morning to a gunman who has been holding a hostage since Dec. 26. (AP Photo/Stefan Rousseau, PA)  

Excellent photo of a very rare configuration.  I believe this rifle to be a G3K with ambidextrous trigger group and PSG1 buttstock added.  It is somewhat rare for a G3 variant to have a pictogram ambi trigger group like this rifle has. 


Armed police keep watch around a flat under siege in Hackney in east London, January 9, 2003. A 15-day standoff between police and a gunman holed up in a freezing London flat became Britain's longest-running domestic siege on Thursday, as government figures were released showing a big surge in armed crime. REUTERS/Peter Macdiarmid


Officers at a standoff in Berkeley, CA on roof of target structure.  HK33K left and HK53 right.


Interesting posed photo of German SEK members with P7 pistol and that pesky variant of the MP5 (pesky because I don't know what it is officially called) with the permanent optical sight that I have referred to as the MP5GR for no better reason than that the 5.56mm rifles and machine guns featured in the GR Series page have this same optical sight, and no iron sights. 

I captioned this photo "Chicken Wings Anyone?" for the way the standing operator has his right elbow raised at a ridiculously high angle.  Makes for a dramatic Hollyoodesque photo, but is poor technique. 

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